Saturday, April 23, 2005

Poor traffic enforcement

Minibus taxi drivers seem to be able to get away with dangerous driving without much being done to stop them.

Taxi drivers are not the only inconsiderate and reckless road users; the following dangerous habits also need to be cracked down on:
  • People who, seeing a line of cars in the right-lane of a two-lane highway, passing a truck, decide to use the left-lane to overtake these cars. They then try to force their way back into the right-lane when they reach the truck, causing the other vehicles in the right lane to have to brake suddenly.
  • Truck drivers who violate lane restrictions and minimum speed rules.
  • Morons who don't treat broken robots as four-way stops (from what I've seen, Durbanites, in particular, ignore this rule)
  • Idiots who do u-turns on highways by crossing the median island
  • Pedestrians who run across highways.
  • People who drive in the emergency lane.