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Laurence Caromba has a post about the situation in western Sudan. Interesting stuff, but the "black" versus "Arab" take may be problematic. Check out this article [via MOSTLY Africa], and this post by Col Lounsbury [previously linked to here], on that issue.

The Gadaffi angle is also interesting:
characterising the Darfur war as 'Arabs' versus 'Africans' obscures the reality. Darfur's Arabs are black, indigenous, African and Muslim - just like Darfur's non-Arabs, who hail from the Fur, Masalit, Zaghawa and a dozen smaller tribes.

Until recently, Darfurians used the term 'Arab' in its ancient sense of 'bedouin'. These Arabic-speaking nomads are distinct from the inheritors of the Arab culture of the Nile and the Fertile Crescent.

'Arabism' in Darfur is a political ideology, recently imported, after Colonel Gadaffi nurtured dreams of an 'Arab belt' across Africa, and recruited Chadian Arabs, Darfurians and west African Tuaregs to spearhead his invasion of Chad in the 1980s. He failed, but the legacy of arms, militia organisation and Arab supremacist ideology lives on.

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The Leigh Matthews case

The kidnap and murder of Leigh Matthews is big news around here. Very sad, and I hope the scum who carried out the crime are caught.

The kidnap-murder has received lots of media attention. If Leigh Matthews had been, say, a middle-aged Chinese refugee, instead of a nubile rich white girl, her killing would probably not have received the attention that it has.

An article in the Mail and Guardian online speculates about why this particular case has grabbed the media (and the public's) attention.

Update:Check out The Fishbowl for a post on the ANC's reaction to the crime.

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Daily Links - 21/07/2004

One more link -
Andrew Black at Southern Cross comments on the dearth of South African public intellectuals.

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Daily Links - 20/07/2004

I mistakenly used Internet Explorer to write yesterday's Daily Links post, and it crashed just as I was about to publish. So today's post (written with Mozilla Firefox) will have a few extra items:

Monday, July 19, 2004

Shooting update

The Durban shooting that I blogged about yesterday, made today's paper. Utterly senseless murder:

...a Chinese family currently on asylum in Durban are mourning the loss of a family member, who was killed for an empty lunch box at the intersection of Albert and Queen Streets.

Police said De hua Lin, 48, had been walking with his brother-in-law, Mokung Chen, from Chen's clothing shop in the Berea Station when they were attacked by two youths on Friday evening.

The youths had tried to grab a plastic bag from Lin but he refused to let go of the bag, which contained an empty lunch box and papers. One of the youths shot him in the face killing him instantly.

The robbers discarded the plastic bag after discovering it contained nothing more than an empty lunch box and papers.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Some observations:

  1. The N3 is an excellent road.
  2. The Free State needs better FM radio stations.
  3. Durban is a nice little city, though a chap was gunned down on Friday evening while walking in the city centre during rush hour, when I was buying food nearby. I couldn't find any references to the murder in the papers, when I searched using Google News. Depressing that this sort of thing isn't apparently considered newsworthy anymore. I suppose the body count wasn't high enough [link via Jo'blog].
  4. Blogger has improved its HTML editor. Spell checker still needs some work.
  5. Everything in Durban is a short drive away. Very convenient.
  6. First time I saw the University of Natal Campus - it's pleasantly situated.
  7. Some women are nothing but trouble.

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Had to go to Durban for a family crisis. Blogging should resume next week.

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Daily Links - 15/07/2004

Update: One more link (11:15 PM)
Col Lounsbury's Moroccan secretary seems to be trying to snare him. It's not unusual for Moroccan girls to want rich foreign husbands, from what I know of them.

Daily Links - 14/07/2004

Although I've had Mozilla Firefox installed for some time, this is the first post which I'm writing from that browser. I have no choice because my copy of Internet Explorer, apart from having lots of holes, keeps crashing. I'll have to get another RSS reader as well...

I've been busy with some studying, but here are some interesting things that I've found on the web:

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Schooling in South Africa

Southern Cross has a post on South Africa's unequal education system.

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Daily Links - 07/07/2004

I got tired of chasing plumbing faults in SimCity 3000, and, in any case, I achieved my goal of a million sim population. Back to surfing the net:

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Sim City 3000

I just got SimCity 3000. I know it has been out for a long time, but I never played it, and I am having fun building a metropolis. Regular blogging will resume shortly.

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Bonus Links - 02/07/2004

  • AmbiDextri links to stories about the South African football match-fixing scandal
  • War Nerd column on torture

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