Sunday, July 18, 2004


Some observations:

  1. The N3 is an excellent road.
  2. The Free State needs better FM radio stations.
  3. Durban is a nice little city, though a chap was gunned down on Friday evening while walking in the city centre during rush hour, when I was buying food nearby. I couldn't find any references to the murder in the papers, when I searched using Google News. Depressing that this sort of thing isn't apparently considered newsworthy anymore. I suppose the body count wasn't high enough [link via Jo'blog].
  4. Blogger has improved its HTML editor. Spell checker still needs some work.
  5. Everything in Durban is a short drive away. Very convenient.
  6. First time I saw the University of Natal Campus - it's pleasantly situated.
  7. Some women are nothing but trouble.