Friday, November 14, 2003

Mental deficiencies

A US TV drama about Ronald Reagan was cancelled after drawing protests from Reagan admirers. Reagan who is in his 90's, and suffering from Alzheimer's disease was the oldest man elected as president of the United States, and, according to Slate Magazine he was deaf, and had trouble grasping complex details during his two terms as president.

Is history repeating itself?

"Initial impressions were disturbing: President Bush was physically unable to stand still as the Colors were being presented -- he kept bopping his head to the march music and talking and laughing to a very still and stiff Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Anthony Principi, who was doing his best to stand at attention and ignore the president's repeated attempts to strike up a conversation during that solemn procession. All of the others on the dais were utterly still and at attention as the Colors were being presented, with either a salute or a hand on heart. Only the president was acting like a kid with ADD during a Ritalin shortage..."