Monday, November 17, 2003

South African English pronunciations

While searching for some information, I found a page about South African English.

"One difference between South African English ["as spoken by whites"] and New Zealand English is in the pronunication of 'ar' and 'ow', as in the pronunciation of the sentence 'park the car downtown'.
* New Zealand: pahk the kah dehwn tehwn
* South Africa: pawk the kaw dahwn tahwn"

"Pawk the kaw dahwn tahwn"? I know people who pronounce words like that, but they hardly constitute a majority of [white] English-speakers in South Africa who I know.

Although, I do remember a woman once telling one of my friends, "you have naas arse" (she meant "you have nice eyes"). We found it very funny, though the woman was quite offended when she saw us grinning...